Aula del Cel

“Aula del Cel” (The Sky Classroom) is a project of school visits to the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Valencia. We also give support to the teachers that  are teaching astronomical subjects for the first time by sharing with them activities and educational materials. The average number of students that visit the Observatory during the school term is approximately 2500-3000.

The activities consist on a tour of the Solar System with the real distances between the planets scaled down in which they learn how far apart are our Solar System friends, along with some of their most unique characteristics.

An informal talk follows on a subject usually chosen by their teacher that often covers some of the curriculum topics. The students are free to ask anything.


We conduct many hands-on activities in the lab, where they build different models of sundials, planispheres, constellations with luminescent stars, etc. according to their age.

The “Aula del Cel” also organizes an annual contest on designing simple astronomical instruments, Solar System models, videos, short tales and comics.

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